Iron Basket Stand

Product Code: (ASIS-03)


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Wrought Iron Salt Lamps with Salt Chunks

Handcrafted Salt Lamps Carved from purest salt lumps mined from Himalayan salt range.
Sizes: 2-4 kg
Colors: Red, Reddish Orange, Light Orange
Base: Polished Wood, marble and Onyx
Cable: UK/US Standard Electrical Fittings
Bulb: Screw Cap 10,15,20,25 Watt
Packing: 4 ply inner, 7 ply master carton
Also available in Fancy and custom Print Packaging

ASFAND SALTS is manufacturer and World Wide Exporter of Wrought Iron Salt Lamps with salt Chunks ,Wrought Iron Salt Lamps and Crystal Salt Lamp Baskets. we have hundred of designs available in Wrought Iron Salt Lamps.In Wrought Iron Salt Lamps we made round , square , basket OR custom design.

ASFANDSALTS.COM provides the most excellent quality Wrought Iron Salt Lamps to you. Our price for the Iron Wrought Stands is reasonable . We are the best hand Wrought Iron Salt Lamps manufacture from Pakistan because here is you can find almost all the kinds of crafted shaped salt lamps at cheap prices. We are the provider of the high quality crafted salt crystal lamps at discount prices. Our lowest prices are due to the source of salt. Our factory is situated at the Sargodha Pakistan that is the biggest source of salt throughout the world.ASFANDSALTS.COM is the biggest store of the Wrought Iron Salt Lamps like animal shaped salt lamps, flower shaped and natural shaped salt lamps.

Our stunning wrought-iron salt lamp baskets and salt globe lamps with wrought-iron bases are well-constructed, with a black satin paint finish. The salt crystal chunks we fill our baskets with are superb and carry light extremely well, with natural colors of red, white, and pink/orange available. Baskets are very, very effective with indoor air due to the large cumulative surface area of the Himalayan salt chunks.Black iron bowl plus loose salt rocks create a glowing focal point . Great to create a faux , too! Natural shades of peach color salt rock chunks.

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