Salt Sauna Rooms

Salt Sauna Rooms and Therapy

According to your needs build your salt sauna with infrared heat, salt mist, salt water fountain,
waterfall or graduation to ionize the air.

The conversion of existing saunas at any time. Individual elements such as light bands – mounted horizontally or vertically – have also been an impact on air quality, harmonize the energy and spend a pleasant light.

Conventional sauna subsequently converted to a crystal salt sauna.
Recommended maximum temperature of 45-55 ° C has the best detoxification effect. The salt brick store the heat generated by the heater and distribute them as infra-red heat again. Enormous energy savings, as can be switched off after reaching the temperature of the oven.
The salt bricks hold the heat for several hours.

Backlit salt as a floor, floor boards, murals, tables, walls, fountains, sink, radiator covers,  heating walls, salt lamps, mirror frames, salt bed …. the imagination has no limits!

Salt accumulates in the air with negative ions, generated a dust-and allergen-poor micro-climate.
This triggers well-being and improves mental and physical performance.
We plan and implement your furniture, your room or even your own salt professional salt in the salt Cave  design or to your liking!

Suitable for adults and children from the age of 4 months and older, speleotherapy can be used as a sole treatment, or to complement other treatments.

Consult your physician, and ask if salt respiratory therapy might complement or replace current treatment of your respiratory condition, or that of your child.

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